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About Us


Welcome to the Eatalian famiglia, we are so happy to have you join our community.


We unite passionate travelers through a love for authentic food and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

As avid explorers, we prioritize immersion in local cultures over mere sightseeing.


Our obsession?

Uncovering the most genuine and mouthwatering culinary adventures, believing that tasting local delicacies is the gateway to understanding a culture deeply.

giovane chef

"Buon cibo. Buon vino. Buoni amici."

Good food, good wine, good friends. That is Eatalian in its simplest definition.

In the heart of Rome, our handcrafted food tours unveil the city's authentic flavors, steering clear of tourist traps to reveal hidden culinary treasures. We're more than landmarks; we're about forging connections with each flavorful bite and sip.


Quality and authenticity define our ethos. Every food stop is meticulously chosen, ensuring you savor the finest local ingredients and traditional cooking methods, while meeting the soulful locals who shape Rome's essence.

Our knowledgeable guides aren't just experts; they're passionate storytellers, weaving fascinating tales of history and culture into your gastronomic journey.

eatalian food tour

At Eatalian, food isn't just sustenance—it's a force that brings strangers together, forming a community bonded by a shared love for genuine gastronomy. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, our promise is to awaken your senses and unveil the hidden gems of our beloved city.


Join us on one of our top-rated food tours today, and immerse yourself in becoming Eatalian.

Our Promise

eatalian food tour

Become Eatalian

We provide you access to places where locals eat and drink and give insider knowledge you wouldn't learn otherwise

eatalian food tour

Best Food in Town

We make sure you don't leave the city without having tried the tastiest, most iconic food this city has to offer

eatalian food tour

Create Memories

Turn moments into memories!
Enjoy epic experiences and receive a
surprise gift as our thank you for joining us. 

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"La cucina italiana è una lingua parlata nel mondo."
"Italian cuisine is a language spoken worldwide."

Carlo Petrini

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