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What is a
Food Tour?

What exactly is a Food Tour?

It’s not hard to find things to do on a European city break. From ancient monuments and museums, to theater, art, and shopping, Europe is a never ending adventure.


Guidebooks literally overflow with recommendations, and customer reviews and trending restaurants on social media can make it overwhelming to know which hotspots are actually good, or just where the tourists go. 


That’s the missing gap Eatalian food tours fill.

Food Tours show you the local cuisine in real life contexts

A food tour is an immersive journey guided by passionate locals. It's a curated exploration of a place's gastronomic heritage, leading you through markets, eateries, and hidden gems where each stop offers a taste of the city's rich food culture. Our experiences go beyond the plate, creating lasting memories by connecting you to the heart and soul of Rome's culinary identity and unraveling the stories behind each dish or drink.

food tour rome

When in Rome every street is a chance to taste something new 

It’s like visiting a friend who is showing you
their favourite spots in town

Picture this: arriving in Rome and being warmly welcomed by a friend eager to reveal the city's hidden gems. Our tour guides embody just that - your local insiders, excited to unveil the real Rome.

More than certified experts, they're passionate locals with firsthand tales and a treasure trove of insider secrets. 


Leave our tours not just with facts, but with feeling like a local yourself, armed with the knowledge to craft your own genuine Roman experience and take that knowledge and confidence home with you. 

food tour rome

Taste the true roman food for your aperitivo

You’ll leave with local tips and memories that will last forever

Want to discover real Roman pasta, or how to spot the genuine gelato from the imitators?

You have found your people!

We recommend you book a food tour for the beginning of your trip so you can make use of the knowledge you learn, or even return to any of the delicious stops that you particularly loved before you say arrivederci (goodbye) to Rome.

food tour rome pantheon

Enjoy the Eatalian Golf Cart Experience at Pantheon (coming soon)

Last but not least, get ready to experience Rome's allure like never before as we introduce an exclusive wine tour through the historical heart of this magical city — all from the comfort of a deluxe golf cart.

Launching soon, our immersive journey promises an unforgettable exploration of Rome's iconic landmarks, a tasting of the best wine in Italy, the best street food in Rome, and a sunset view over Rome that will change your whole life.


Stay curious and stay tuned!

Get insider tips before you go!
View our short list of not-to-be-missed food & drinks!

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An insider’s look at what la dolce vita meant to Italians


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A culinary journey through the Historic Center of Rome




Where every bite tells a

Roman Tale



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"La cucina italiana è una lingua parlata nel mondo."
"Italian cuisine is a language spoken worldwide."

Carlo Petrini

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